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Logo Design Questionnaire

Before embarking on the logo design process with you, we like to ask some questions. Your logo is how clients will identify your business, service or product. It will ulitmately determine the position of your brand and that is why a great logo design is an integral part of your company’s branding. This is carried through to your stationery, packaging and all marketing material, to form your corporate identity. It may seem like a long list but it is helps us establish what you need and expect from the final product. It also helps you to have a clear picture of your own vision for your business branding. Take your time and answer all the questions that you can.

About Your Brand

Pick one of each of these characteristics that best define your brand.

Your Logo

  • Blue = Trust
  • Orange = Friendliness
  • Yellow = Optimism
  • Red = Excitement
  • Purple = Creative
  • Green = Peace

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